Getting Things Done:

“Hardworking taxpayers want a government that answers to them. I have kept the promises I’ve made to voters to get things done. I want to build on that success because there is more work to do.” –Bob Mensch

Open Space

Bob is a consistent supporter of open space funding.  He is the co-sponsor of “Growing Greener III,” the next phase of Pennsylvania’s groundbreaking program to protect open space, keep water clean and preserve family farms.  Bob’s home is a certified wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

“In 2003 I began to run for supervisor in my Township because I wanted to ensure a clean, green, safe environment.  When the then supervisors told me I couldn’t grow trees on my property I got energized, and became a Supervisor.  Perhaps my greatest achievement was permanently protecting 155 acres as open space.” - Bob Mensch

Pension Reform

Bob advocated for Pennsylvania’s historic pension reform, SB1, to save more than $5 billion and shield taxpayers from $20 billion in additional tax liabilities.

“Pension reform affected my constituencies—retirees, employees and taxpayers as well.  We negotiated diligently with every impacted group and SB 1 is as fair and well balanced a design as could be achieved”. - Bob Mensch

Controlling Government Spending

Bob successfully passed a law to require bureaucrats to justify every dollar they spending through Performance based Budgeting to stop bloated budgets and unjustified spending.

“I’ve been a member of Appropriations Committee for a while now, and have always sought more, objective and justified spending requests, so over three years I worked with my staff and financial professionals from the private sector to design a thorough, effective, and justifiable Performance based Budgeting program to stop bloated budgets and unjustified spending”. - Bob Mensch


Supported increasing Pre-K thru 12th Grade public education funding to historic levels.  Pre-K Task Force Member and Early Learning Fellow for the National Conference of State Legislatures.

“Continued investment in education is essential to the future success for our State.  As the pace of new developments in education accelerates it is critical that Pennsylvania partner with our educators to give them all the necessary tools to continue to turn out great students”. - Bob Mensch

Cutting Taxes

Bob passed a law to encourage new investment by manufacturers, helping them to grow and provide more family-sustaining jobs. 

“Pennsylvania needs more jobs, and we need more business investment to encourage the creation of those jobs.  My 21st Century Manufacturing plan will help our businesses provide many more family-sustaining jobs for our hardworking Pennsylvanians”. - Bob Mensch

School Safety

Advocated for $60 million in increased school safety funding to keep our children in the safest and most secure learning environment as possible. 

“There are many needs facing our society today, but is there any that is greater than to protect our youth?  We realize school safety is a concern for everyone, so my Caucus identified the critical need to bolster our efforts for school safety.  We successfully advocated for $60 million in increased school safety funding to keep our children in the safest and most secure learning environment as possible". - Bob Mensch